Earn Rewards with Greenlink Connect

Greenlink empowers you to save energy and reduce costs. Share the benefits with others through our referral program and earn rewards for successful solar, HVAC, envelope, and utility project installations.

Refer Friends and Family to the The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program.

Home energy savings retrofit offering

This offering offers free assessments, energy-saving products, customized recommendations, and more through partnerships with ComEd and Nicor Gas.

Qualifying homes can receive Greenlink’s weatherization services, including insulation, air sealing, and more.

Whole home electric offering

This ComEd offering helps save you money and reduces your overall energy usage, by utilizing Greenlink’s expertise to replace fossil-fueled appliances and heating and cooling systems with electric appliances and systems.

Rewards for
Solar, HVAC, Envelope, and Utility Programs

 Solar $750

 Envelope $200

 HVAC $200

 Utility-funded Program $200

Three Simple Steps to Make
Money by Helping Others Save Money.

Step 1 Icon

Submit a Referral Form

Use our online referral form and enter information for the person you’re referring. We’ll take it from there.

Step 2

Referral Consultation

We’ll schedule a consultation to educate the person you referred on the benefits of our solutions, including possible savings and advantages of solar, HVAC, envelope, or utility-funded programs.

Step 3

You Get Rewarded

If the person you referred chooses to proceed with any of our services, you’ll receive a check after their project is completed.

Greenlink Connect FAQs

What Type of Referrals are there?

Greenlink offers four rewarding referral opportunities:

Solar Installations: Earn $750 for each successful solar system installation.

HVAC Installations: Receive $200 when someone installs a high-efficiency HVAC system.

Envelope Services: Get $200 for referrals leading to energy efficiency projects.

Utility-funded Programs: Earn $200 for successful enrollments in utility-funded energy programs.

How will I be paid?

You will receive a check for each successful referral once the referred project is completed. The check will be mailed directly to you as a token of our appreciation for helping us grow the Greenlink community.

Do I Need to be a Greenlink customer to Refer others?

No, you do not need to be a current customer to participate in our referral program. Anyone can refer others to Greenlink.

Is there a limit to how many referrals I can submit?

No, there is no limit! You can submit as many referrals as you like. The more people you refer, the more rewards you can earn. Keep spreading the word and enjoy the benefits of our referral program.

When will I be paid?

You will be paid after the completion of your referral’s project.

Can I refer businesses as well as individuals?

Yes, you can refer both residential and commercial customers to us and our team will help them determine the best Greenlink services to suit their needs.

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