While there are many home updates you can do by yourself, making a big change like adding solar panels isn’t one of them. Solar panels are a complex home addition that requires the help of professionals, but many homeowners find it difficult to find the right installation company for them. Keep reading to get 4 tips for finding the perfect solar installation company for you and your home.

Stay Local

Many people look for a name they recognize when searching for a person or company to work on their home. Most of the time, the names we recognize first are large companies that have offices all over the country. While large companies can still do good work in a local area, local companies are better. They have a better understanding of local laws and provide more personalized service specifically for that location. When possible, hire local first.

Check Their Reputation

Once you’ve discovered local solar installation companies in your area, you need to find out their job performance. Take the time to read through reviews of their work, both older projects and newer projects, so you know exactly what kind of help you’re getting. Make sure to pay extra attention to reviews mentioning the quality of their solar panels and the company’s response rate to problems after a project’s completion. You need to know that the company you’re hiring will use high-quality products and offer assistance after installation, if you need it.

Do a Price Check

Finding the perfect installation company for you means finding a company that fits your budget. Learn the typical cost of solar panel installation in your area so you can set a realistic budget, and then check your budget against local installation companies. Companies that charge too high are trying to take advantage of you and companies that charge too low are probably using poor quality equipment. You’ll want to find a company that charges a reasonable price and fits within your budget.

Learn About Warranties

The average lifespan of solar panels are 25-30 years, and if you’ve already been in your home a while, then you may think that a warranty on equipment that will outlast your home ownership isn’t worth it. But warranties guarantee that if a job wasn’t done properly, you can easily get it fixed, so you need to learn what warranties the companies in your area offer. Ideally, you should find a company that offers both labor and equipment warranties, so both are covered.

Our 4 tips for finding the perfect solar installation company are staying local, checking reputations, price checking, and learning about warranties. If you’re looking for solar and insulation installation in Rockford and Madison that meets all these qualifications, then Greenlink Energy Solutions is here for you. We offer a variety of home energy solutions that will help your home function at its best.