Air Sealing Services in Rockford, IL

In Rockford, IL, homeowners seeking to enhance their living experience while saving on energy costs have an ace up their sleeve with premier air sealing services. At Greenlink Energy, we specialize in air sealing services in Rockford, IL, utilizing cutting-edge techniques and materials to ensure your home becomes the fortress of comfort and efficiency it’s meant to be. By pinpointing and sealing leaks throughout your home’s envelope, our roof and air sealing services not only improve indoor air quality but also significantly reduce heating and cooling expenses, making your home more energy efficient.

Air sealing is crucial to increasing comfort and home performance

Throughout the day, air enters and exits your home through many areas such as any gaps or openings from the attic into the living space, attic hatches, windows, doors, and more. The EPA estimates, on average, that 15% of total heating and cooling costs can be eliminated and reduced through air sealing the home. These sources of air leaks and air infiltration lead to an inefficient and uncomfortable home.

We at Greenlink Energy Solutions are your local air sealing experts. We approach your home using our 360° holistic building science approach. This means we address your home rather than solving one problem but not others, by taking care of all problematic areas.

Contact us to get a free thermal imaging inspection to identify every source of air leakage and infiltration. We can help eliminate drafts and leaks to bring your home to peak levels of comfort and performance.

The symptoms of a lack of air sealing, leaks, and infiltration

You may already know where some air leaks occur within your home, such as drafts coming from exterior windows and or doors. What about the sources of air leakage and infiltration that can’t be as easily felt? 

If you’ve noticed or experienced any of the following, your home probably requires some air sealing:

  • Cold or hot rooms, uneven temperatures through the home
  • Drafty rooms—you can feel the cold or warm air flowing from the area
  • High heating and cooling bills during the colder months or warmer months
  • Furnace or AC running almost continuously to keep the home comfortable
  • Ice dams forming along the roof or gutters
  • Dry air inside the home, especially during winter
  • Noticeable dust that settles and forms quickly

At Greenlink, our certified experts conduct a thorough assessment using professional-grade equipment. We’ll identify every source with a thermal imaging camera in combination with a blower door test; not only can we see air leaks but also areas without sufficient insulation and other problematic areas.

Benefits of air sealing your home

Besides comfort, there are a plethora of long-term noticeable benefits by having your home professionally air sealed. Our goal is to increase the performance of your home, making it more efficient.

The top proven benefits of whole home air sealing are:

Improved Comfort – Sealing homes tightly typically results in fewer drafts throughout the home, and sometimes, noise reduction. 

Lower Utility Bills – Air leakage and improperly installed insulation can waste 20 percent or more of the energy used to heat or cool a home. With effective air sealing and insulation, heating and cooling systems will not need to work as hard.

Improved Indoor Air Quality – A tighter home envelope reduces the amount of humidity, dust, pollen, and pests that can enter the home and improve indoor air quality.

Increased Durability of Your Home – When warm air leaks through a home’s floors, walls, and attic, it can come in contact with cooler surfaces where condensation can occur. Moisture in these hidden places encourages mold growth, ruins insulation, and compromises the structural elements of the home. If your attic does not have enough ventilation, the chances of high moisture, condensation, and the damage increases. Therefore it’s important to address your home as a system. Since many components are at play in causing problems, addressing and correcting each of them is necessary to ensure the best possible performance of your home and to prevent future problems from areas that were not previously considered and corrected.

Improved Energy Efficiency – When your home’s heating and cooling systems aren’t working as hard to compensate for leaks, gaps, and drafts, you’re using less energy, saving money, and increasing your home’s overall performance. In fact, estimates you could save 10%-20% on your home’s annual heating and cooling bills from sealing uncontrolled air leaks.

Our 360° Building Science Based Air Sealing Process

Air infiltration and leakage account for up to 30% of a home’s heat loss according to the US Department of Energy. Which is why we seal every gap, crack, nook, and cranny possible to increase the air tightness and efficiency of your home. We combine air sealing in the attic with air sealing in your home’s living area with insulation and ventilation. This holistic approach when analyzing a home means all areas of the home are addressed to improve comfort, indoor air quality (less dust, pollen, and pollutants), and an overall better performing home.

  1. A Blower Door Test is a kit that consists of an airtight frame, a powerful fan, and a mini-computer. The frame is assembled in an exterior doorway, most commonly the front door, the fan is inserted, and then turned on. By forcing air out of the home, we depressurize it forcing air to come into the home, allowing us to identify all sources of air infiltration and air leakage in Step 2. From this, we gather the CFM @ 50 and the ACH @ 50; these are numbers that in-short, tell us how air tight your home is. The average home should be at 5 ACH@50 while the leakiest homes fluctuate around 7 or above.  
  2. Thermal Imaging is a professional-grade camera, allowing us to quickly visualize and identify all sources of infiltration or leakage. We store these photos to show pre and post improvements. After identifying, we move on to our targeted air sealing process within the living area of the home.
  3. Targeted Air Sealing means we use the previous information to install premium products that prevent unwanted air flow where the sources are. This includes the areas around your windows, doors, trim, outlets, utility and electrical penetrations, and more. This includes but not limited to: gasket foam, latex clear caulk (paintable and hidden), fire-rated foam, and moisture resistant drywall.
  4. Attic Air Sealing is where we seal every area where conditioned air (warm or cold) could rise into the attic space or come into the home from the attic space. We target key locations of major leakage such as plumbing vents, electrical penetrations, mechanical chases, chimney flues, drop soffits, and top plates.

Think you’re suffering from any of the symptoms and problem areas, or your home could benefit from air sealing? Contact the certified experts at Greenlink Energy Solutions for a free site inspection, evaluation, and consultation. Call today for your free estimate!