Air Duct Sealing & Duct Insulation

Improve Heating and Cooling Efficiency and Keep Energy Costs Low

Proper air duct sealing and air duct insulation drastically improves heating and cooling efficiency in your Rockford, Illinois, home. As a homeowner, you’re likely aware of how important proper insulation in the home can be, especially when it comes to more vulnerable areas of the home such as basements and attics. But many neglect to consider the magnitude of ensuring your ducts are sealed and properly insulated. This can help you save on energy costs by as much as 20 percent!

At Greenlink, we apply a 360° approach to building science that essentially leaves no stone unturned where improving your home’s efficiency and energy savings are concerned. If the first step toward improving your home’s efficiency and energy savings is to properly seal and insulate your ductwork, we’ll offer you solutions before getting started. But our approach guarantees that we will fully evaluate the entire home and can make recommendations for other services that either need to be addressed first or that will provide a greater impact on energy efficiency and costs, like properly insulating a basement, attic, or crawl space.

Greenlink Duct Sealing and Insulation Services – What We Offer

Air Duct Sealing Services – Our skilled technicians are capable of properly sealing all of your ducts to ensure there are no air leaks present—and they can even seal otherwise unreachable portions of your home’s ductwork. We make use of a combination of liquid mastic and aluminum foil tape.

Air Duct Insulation Services – Duct sealing and duct insulation go hand-in-hand. Ductwork insulation cannot be applied if the ducts have not been sealed prior. And it should be noted that all ductwork in unconditioned areas of the home (such as the attic or a crawl space) need to be insulated to remain in accordance with applicable code requirements.

Air Duct Balancing Services – If you’ve identified areas of the home that either don’t warm up enough in the winter or remain too hot during the summer, it’s likely that the air flow in your home is not evenly distributed. Air duct balancing refers to the process of ensuring that each room in your home is receiving an even and appropriate amount of air flow when compared to other rooms in the house.

The Greenlink Advantage

Our 360° approach to building science will identify whether or not your Rockford, Illinois, home requires air duct sealing and/or air duct insulation and will also identify any other areas of the home where insulation or ventilation could be improved to drastically improve energy efficiency and associated costs.

If you know for a fact that your air ducts need work or just wish to have your home checked by certified experts, contact Greenlink Energy Solutions today. We will schedule a free site inspection, evaluation, and consultation at your earliest convenience.