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Comfort and Energy Savings Start with Attic Insulation

Improving the comfort and efficiency of your home starts with adequate insulation. Upgrading attic insulation is one of the three most important areas of your home to insulate—the other important two are exterior wall insulation and basement or crawl space insulation.

At Greenlink Energy Solutions, our insulation contractors in Rockford, IL, address homes as a system by utilizing our holistic 360° building science approach. Why? Each system, or part of the home, intertwines which leads to overall home performance. Here’s an example: while adequate attic insulation installation is crucial to prevent heat loss, it serves almost no purpose without attic air sealing or roof ventilation. Insulation itself does not stop airflow. If the attic space does not have enough ventilation, the chances of condensation and high moisture can lead to structural damage and mold, greatly decreasing the efficiency of the insulation. Greenlink ensures every system that works together in your attic space performs correctly, safely, and up to code.

Greenlink Energy Solutions is a Trade-Ally with Nicor Gas of Illinois and Focus on Energy of Wisconsin. This means if you qualify for the Weatherization Incentives, you may receive up to an $875 instant discount on your estimate for Illinois and up to $1,800 (or more!) instant discount for Wisconsin.

Contact certified attic insulation installers at Greenlink Energy Solutions for a free site inspection, evaluation, and consultant.Common Symptoms or Pain Points due to the Lack of Attic Insulation

If you’ve noticed or seen any of the following, you most likely have inadequate levels of attic insulation:

  • Inconsistent temperatures such as rooms directly beneath the attic get too hot or too cold at certain times of the year—even though other parts of the house remain comfortable
  • High electric bills and/or high bills for heating fuel
  • Cold drafts in certain parts of the house during wintertime
  • Ice Damming—these are the blocks or ridges of ice formed as snow melts at the top of the roof and freezes as it slides towards the bottom
  • Your furnace, heater, and or AC are constantly running—this means the lifespan of the equipment is greatly reduced
  • The attic floor joists are visible above or between existing attic insulation.

Experience the benefits of adding attic insulation as part of a holistic, building science approach

  • Increase savings by lowering utility bills. We see an average savings increase of 25% to 30%
  • Improve indoor air quality by preventing air infiltration—less air pollutants such as dust or pollen
  • Stabilize temperatures throughout the entire home
  • Maximize the lifespan and efficiency of your HVAC system
  • Prevent structural damage from the symptoms of an attic space not up to standards
  • Eliminate ice dams from forming to prevent damage to gutters and the roof
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Significantly increase the value of your home and its performance


Using our 360° holistic approach of building science, we address three crucial areas of an attic space: sufficient attic insulation installation, attic air sealing, and proper ventilation. If one is addressed but not the other, the entire space will underperform, leading to more issues as time goes on. Our experienced attic insulation installers will utilize professional-grade equipment to assess your home and provide a customized unique solution to ensure peak performance that is cost-effective.


There are many types of insulation that can be used in an attic. As expert insulation contractors in Rockford, IL, our number one recommended insulation is a blown cellulose material. Cellulose is made of shredded newspaper and treated to be fire-resistant and mold resistant. Energy codes state that the minimum attic insulation level is R49 which is equal to 16″ of material installed. Most homes are under-insulated, under-ventilated, and have numerous air leaks. Allow Greenlink, your local insulation contractor to provide you with an attic upgrade to increase your home’s health, comfort, and efficiency.

There are a few different types of insulation used to insulate attic spaces: loose-fill cellulose insulation or fiberglass, closed cell spray foam insulation, and fiberglass batting. We utilize high-efficiency cellulose composed of 80% recycled materials to bring your attic insulation up to energy efficiency and municipal codes. The minimum amount of insulation is 16” of cellulose which equals an R-Value, a material’s resistance to the transfer of thermal energy, of R-49 or greater. We never under insulate.

The correct amount of attic insulation prevents unwanted conductive heat loss in combination with ventilation and attic air sealing.


Attics need to breathe just like us! It is crucial to have enough intake and exhaust ventilation. Intake ventilation occurs at the eaves or soffits. If your home has an overhang, you can probably see the vents from a window. Exhaust ventilation occurs at the roof level through special vents and ridge vents (along the peak of the roof). You’ll see these types of vents on almost every home as they’re round or spin with the wind to pull air out.

These two types of ventilation allow your attic to drive out moist and humid air and extend the life of the roof. Proper ventilation also significantly reduces the chances of mold growth.

There is another type of ventilation frequently overlooked and undertreated: appliances such as bathroom fans and kitchen range fans or vents. If a bathroom fan is blowing humid air from a hot shower into the attic, mold colonies will grow and structural damage will follow. It must be vented through the roof via a dedicated exhaust termination (its own vent) to prevent damage and increase performance.

Air Sealing

Attic air sealing is by far the most underrated and overlooked part of the efficiency of a home. The most common issue when many air leaks and sources of air infiltration or present is called The Stack Effect. This is where, for example, in the winter, heated air rises up through gaps, cracks, and pushes cold air into the home. In the summer, the hot air from outdoors pushes your conditioned cold air out.

Greenlink seals every gap, crack, nook, and cranny of the attic space with fire-rated high-performance foam. These areas include top plates, plumbing vents, recessed lighting, chimney chases, bathroom fans, ceiling fans, and more. Preventing air from escaping and from coming in allows the installed attic insulation to do its job efficiently.

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