Basement Insulation Installation

At Greenlink Energy Solutions, we believe that a fully insulated home is the key to achieving energy efficiency and comfort. We specifically design our basement insulation installation services to counteract the common issues homeowners face with unfinished or poorly insulated basements. We focus on creating a moisture-resistant barrier that protects your living space from dampness, mold, and mildew, ensuring a healthier environment for you and your family.

A comfortable home & low energy costs starts from the ground up

The basement is an important part of the home to look at, as many houses have basement insulation in the form of fiberglass batts installed between basement ceiling joists. But this insulation does nothing to make your basement more comfortable and energy-efficient. The other limitation of fiberglass insulation is that it can’t stop air leakage that causes comfort, energy, and moisture problems.

At Greenlink Energy Solutions, we provide residents in the Rockford, IL, and Madison, WI, areas with basement insulation installation services to ensure this very important part of the home is thoroughly protected.

Greenlink Energy Solutions takes a 360° holistic approach to building science. Our team expertly evaluates your home as a singular system made up of the various components that contribute to your energy efficiency, including your insulation, ventilation, and more. This approach allows us to offer a variety of basement insulation solutions designed specifically for the basement environment—and tailored to your specific property. Your local Greenlink insulation contractor can inspect your home and help you determine the best plan for insulating your basement.

Greenlink Energy Solutions is a Trade-Ally with Nicor Gas of Illinois and Focus on Energy of Wisconsin. This means if you qualify for the Weatherization Incentives, you will receive a $400 instant discount on your estimate for Illinois and a $900 instant discount for Wisconsin.

Why You Should Insulate the Basement

  • Eliminate mold & mildew problems in the basement.
  • Stop unwanted air infiltration that brings in cold winter air.
  • Upstairs living space will be more comfortable.
  • Lower heating & cooling costs.
  • Basement space becomes usable as extra living space, with more comfortable temperatures and lower humidity.

The Greenlink Process to Basement Insulation Installation

Using our 360° holistic approach to building science, our staff addresses these areas of this location of the home with this professional insulation service.

There are several terms in the building science industry to describe the foundational perimeter of a structure. You’ll often hear “rim joist” or “band joist” to describe the area where your exterior basement walls meet the outside. This is a common area for air penetration, which can lead to cold floors and temperatures in the winter and warm temperatures in the summer. Moisture damage and pest infestation can also occur in poorly insulated basements.

As experienced insulation contractors, we understand that sometimes not everything’s about being hot or cold. Sometimes you simply want some peace and quiet, or maybe just a private space for your hobbies. Certain types of basement insulation are perfect for sound abatement. The joists of basement ceilings are a perfect place to insulate if you’d like to create a sound-resistant environment for your loved ones.