Blown Cellulose Insulation Installation

What is Loose-fill Cellulose Insulation?

Loose cellulose insulation, also referred to as blown cellulose insulation or blown-in cellulose insulation, is one of the most popular insulation materials used to protect your home or property from heat or energy loss. When compared to other materials used for insulation purposes, cellulose insulation installation is a practical and cost-effective method with a number of other advantages associated with it. Learn more about the benefits of using loose-fill cellulose insulation in your Rockford, IL, or Madison, WI, area home below.

What are the benefits of cellulose insulation installation?

One major benefit of blown cellulose insulation is its composition of recycled materials. Cellulose utilizes more recycled material than other forms of insulation. This insulation also has low levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) when compared with other insulation types. Further, we mitigate the amount of cellulose insulation dust that can be later inhaled by utilizing mineral oil additives to reduce dust.

Its R-value, referring to the insulating material’s resistance to heat transmission, is about R-3.5 per inch of blown cellulose insulation. Couple this with the fact that loose-fill cellulose insulation can conform to most other obstructions found in walls or attics, such as cracks, and that it can be applied at various thicknesses for more or less thermal insulation, and the advantage of cellulose over others begins to become quite apparent. This is among the most versatile insulation materials around as it can easily fit into tight spaces, does not require an additional moisture barrier, and is cost-effective.

Where can BLOWN cellulose insulation be used?

Attic Insulation

This insulation can be blown into walls or under floors to ensure your attic is as insulated as can be, which translates to energy savings for you.

Wall Insulation

Another cellulose insulation use is for finished exterior and interior walls. We can easily inject it into and behind interior drywall and can help insulate any cracks in exterior walls to avoid air leaks.

Floor Insulation

Cellulose insulation can be easily utilized to insulate floors as it can be blown under your floorboards at the thickness needed to provide your desired level of insulation. You will typically see this used for floors with cavities like those found in rooms above your garage, or the attic itself, and more.

Blown Cellulose Insulation is our Product of Choice

At Greenlink, we take a 360° holistic approach to building science where we fully evaluate the home as a system made up of various components such as ventilation, insulation, energy efficiency, and more. This allows us to identify the areas that need improvement in order of importance. In many cases, proper insulation or energy efficiency is paramount as it is directly translated into energy savings. And when it comes to floor, wall, or attic insulation, blown cellulose insulation is our product of choice.

Cellulose insulation installation is the most cost-effective choice for most home insulation areas. Are you looking for insulation in your Rockford, Illinois, home? We service Northern Illinois and the surrounding areas of Madison, WI. Give us a call, email, or fill out a form to contact us today.