Home Performance Solutions

We’ve done the research. We’re trained and certified building analyst that can solve any home performance problem.

Envelope Solutions

Envelope refers to what makes up a home. Insulation, windows, doors, air leakage, mold removal, and more.

Mechanical Solutions

We upgrade furances and air conditioners; maximize the performance of your system with a plethora of solutions such as whole home air purification systems and more. Every home is different which means each solution to maximize your HVAC is unique to you!

Renewable Energy

We’re certified Solar and Renewable Energy Experts. The entire roof doesn’t have to be covered in panels, we can create custom tailored systems designed for your needs and your home.

Windows & Doors

Windows & Doors age over time, losing their efficiency, or maybe they were installed wrong. Let us upgrade and install ones that last a lifetime and save you money.

360° Model. Our Whole-House Approach.

Instead of merely addressing the symptoms, we look at your entire home to find solutions. This approach to home performance makes homes more durable over time – preventing future maintenance issues from water infiltration, pests, mold growth, and many other common issues.

The benefits of home performance upgrades include:

  • Greater indoor comfort
  • Lower utility bills
  • Less wear and tear on heating and cooling equipment
  • Improved indoor air quality

Solutions Tailored for Your Home

Envelope — The Structure of a Building

Our free visual inspection is thorough, covers the most important areas, and allows us to create a unique solution for your home. We inspect key vulnerable areas that compose your home’s building envelope.

  • Attic
  • Windows and Doors
  • Exterior Walls or Wall Thermal Barrier
  • Rim Joist, Band Joist, and Basement Box Sill
  • Mechanical Ventilation and Mechanical Systems
  • Indoor Air Quality

Mechanical — Furnaces, ACs, and More

We analyze and upgrade the systems that keep your home safe, comfortable, and efficient. An insulated and air-tight home is great but without an efficient mechanical system, comfort and high bills can be an issue.

  • Mechanical Ventilation
  • Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV)
  • Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV)
  • Balancing Distribution Air (Air Balancing)
  • Sealing Ductwork to Prevent Leakage
  • Filtration Systems
  • and more!

Renewable Energy—Solar

Our thorough energy assessments allow us to diagnose home performance deficiencies and implement solutions, such as portable solar generators, solar panel installation, solar battery installation, or home EV charger installation. Enjoy improved comfort and save on your energy bills.

  • Solar Panels and Inverters
  • Solar Batteries
  • Solar Backup Systems
  • Backup Generators
  • Electrical Vehicle Chargers
  • Detailed System Designs—know what you can save and how we can help!


According to ENERGY STAR®, up to 90% of homes are underinsulated in the United States. Most homes lack the sufficient amount of insulation and are not sealed properly to prevent air leakage. This means your paid-for conditioned air is leaking out of your home causing your furnace or air conditioner to run and run to keep up.

Upgrading your home’s insulation will significantly improve your home’s ability to retain conditioned air, reduce air leakage, increase air quality, and improve energy efficiency leading to increased comfort and reduced utility bills.


Spray foam insulation is one of the finest insulation products on the market. It combines insulation and air sealing for superior overall performance, enhanced structural benefit, and is the best long-term value for your investment.

Design Advantages

  • Lower your heating and cooling costs
  • Form a continuous barrier against harsh weather around your home
  • Prevent pest entry and moisture buildup
  • Eliminate air leaks and drafts by filling gaps where other insulation wouldn’t reach
  • Sound proofing, noise reduction, by acting as a sound dampener

Renewable Energy — Solar

As part of our 360° Model of Building Science, we’re interested in more than just the energy you consume. As a solar company, we offer solar energy services to help customers in Madison, WI, and Northern Illinois produce power for themselves.


  • Lowers bills for decades
  • May qualify for a 30% federal tax credit and other incentives
  • Increases your property value


  • Produces clean energy for a healthier environment
  • Taps an abundant source of energy
  • Provides energy throughout the year


  • Provides greater energy independence
  • Avoids use of fossil fuels