Insulation Removal Services

Our team at Greenlink Energy Solutions recognizes when outdated or damaged insulation needs to go. We tailor our top-tier insulation removal services to address and rectify problems related to old, inefficient insulation materials that compromise your home’s energy performance and indoor air quality. Employing a meticulous approach, our services ensure that all traces of the old insulation are safely and efficiently removed, preparing your space for high-quality replacement solutions.

A fresh start for a high performing home starts with insulation removal

Insulation loses its effectiveness overtime. If there is no air sealing in the attic space, then the insulation will have degraded quickly and rapidly; it also is probably holding onto any moisture and pollutants that have passed through it. Other scenarios such as roof leaks (water damage), condensation, mold, mildew, and age can contribute to needing the existing insulation removed.

We want to ensure that your insulation removal is done correctly. This means that when you contact us for insulation removal service near Rockford, Illinois, the entire area will have its insulation, building materials, and debris removed before the area is thoroughly sanitized.  .

Why should I remove my existing insulation?

If you’ve noticed or seen any of the following, you most likely have inadequate levels of attic insulation:

  • Can be a source of mold growth which in turn spreads into the home
  • Pest such as mice will chew through and create tunnels soiling the area and degrading insulation
  • Old age; old insulation will be severely degraded and virtually non-effective
  • Creates a clean work area to check wiring, look for mold & mildew, and allows for efficient work
  • If you plan on adding new insulation, then removing old or damaged insulation is a must

As we would often suggest improving your home’s energy efficiency first as part of our 360° holistic approach to building science, our highest priority is usually to remove old insulation so that it can be replaced with new, more effective insulation.

The Insulation Removal Process

Our insulation removal process involves the following steps:

  1. Preparation – We never want to damage property or leave a mess behind. We set up plastic sheeting from the ceiling to the floor, over furniture, and any other belongings in the surrounding work area. We then seal everything down to ensure the work area is air tight.
  2. Negative Pressure – This fancy term means once the work area is air tight, we attach a strong fan as a type of exhaust to the nearest external opening, also referred to as a dedicated termination. This fan will significantly reduce any pollutants such as dust from entering the living area. We incorporate this practice with almost every service.
  3. Removal – Using a 20 horsepower True-HEPA filter vacuum, we attach a large diameter heavy-duty hose and begin removing any loose material from the area. Combined with the negative pressure and manual removal of debris, the previously insulated space will be squeaky clean!
  4. Sanitation – If needed, we will remove the stains from and neutralize any areas showing symptoms of mold & mildew or remnants from pests. We then apply an inhibitor to discourage any future growth.

Get a fresh start and remove insulation with Greenlink

If you think you might need insulation removal, looking for an estimate, or even if you just have some questions, give the certified experts at Greenlink Energy Solutions a call at (779) 774-3378, or email [email protected] today!