The Advantages of Cellulose Insulation

The Advantages of Cellulose Insulation

One of the most beneficial ventures a homeowner can do is reduce their energy use. For the sake of the environment and one’s wallet, individuals can do their part to protect the longevity of their homes—and their home planet of Earth. The leading action of this endeavor is the thermal protection of one’s residence through quality insulation installation. This essential pursuit controls lasting durability, lowers the cost of utility and operation, and provides amplified comfort levels all year round.

Fiberglass and spray foam insulation are notable names on the list of common insulation materials. However, cellulose is an option growing in popularity due to its sustainable origins and incredible properties. Instead of throwing energy out the window—or door, attic, or wall—consider the following advantages of cellulose insulation.

Cellulose Insulation: Recycled Content

Modern homeowners have a wide assortment of quality insulation choices up to their selection. Cellulose insulation is a strong contender on the market for its content properties, making efficient use of natural resources and reducing waste. This type of organic insulation is comprised of loose recycled paper.

Ergo, cellulose insulation is a wise choice for sustainable homeowners who desire to repurpose content. As an eco-friendly green home product, cellulose is safe to handle and be around without any health hazards—not to mention its non-toxic biodegradability for the future.

Air-Tight Wall Application

You’ll find that, dollar for dollar, this insulation offers ideal insulating power. Cellulose insulation has a high-rated R-value of around 3.5 per inch of thickness, which means it has a high insulation capacity. The actual R-value depends on the depth and density of insulation, but cellulose insulation remains a superb air-blocker against leakage and drafts. Tightly packed cellulose provides a thermally efficient solution upon application, adequately treated to help prevent fire, mold growth, and insect infiltration.

Prime Energy-Saving Solutions

Out of all the advantages of cellulose insulation, its continual provision of energy savings leads the crowd. With high-performance insulating properties and adequate energy cost per installed R-value unit, homeowners can use this insulation’s benefits to cut down on their energy bills. When you use cellulose insulation, a healthier, more comfortable home environment is right around the corner.

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