Now is that time of year when temperatures are really starting to drop here in the Rockford, IL area. As you settle indoors to keep warm, critters could be doing the very same thing in your attic. That’s why now is a good time to check your attic for signs of rodents or pests. Animal waste, damaged insulation, and structural damage are some of the most obvious signs.


Few things are worse for your attic than invasion by mice, rats, or insects. These critters can leave behind waste and damage to electrical wiring, wooden beams, and more, making your home smelly, messy, and even unsafe. Because rodents often nest in fiberglass insulation, they may also trample down, rip up, or otherwise destroy your attic insulation, making your home less energy efficient and ultimately, less comfortable.

When damage like this happens, it’s good to know there’s someone you can call for all of your attic restoration needs. At Greenlink Energy Solutions, we can restore your attic to pristine condition with a variety of services. We’ll remove animal waste to clean up your attic space, replace contaminated and moldy insulation, seal gaps that allow critters to enter, ensure adequate attic ventilation, and restore building elements as needed.


With the right attic restoration methods, you can rest assured that pests will cease to be a concern in your attic. Our approach to attic restoration not only addresses current damage but also prevents damage from future pests. Air sealing, in particular, prevents future pest invasion by closing those holes, cracks, and gaps that allow animals and insects to enter your attic. As an added bonus of air sealing, your attic will be less susceptible to moisture issues and unstable temperatures.


If rodents or pests have taken shelter in your attic, you’ll want to have Greenlink Energy Solutions on call. We can manage all aspects of your attic restoration, from cleanup to air sealing and insulation replacement. In addition to restoring your attic to pristine condition, our work will boost energy efficiency in your home. With your new attic, you’ll enjoy better home comfort and even savings on your energy bills. Whether you live up in Loves Park, in Boone County, or down in Dekalb, don’t hesitate to contact us for help with your attic.

Are critters wreaking havoc in your attic?