Comparable to other commercial materials, spray foam is one of the first-rate insulation products on today’s modern market. This is because of what it can create: a solid block of resistant material. Spray foam insulates against air, heat loss, sound, and even water vapor—making it an extremely effective and energy-efficient solution for a home.

In today’s ongoing culture that continually seeks home improvement, many homeowners turn to DIY avenues to save money on their home improvement projects. You may be wondering: can I do spray foam insulation myself? While it is a possibility, the real question to be asking is if you should do it yourself. Since this insulation material is composed of numerous chemicals, it needs to be handled with tact and care. Let’s break down the process a bit further.

The Safety of Insulation Installation

Spray foam insulation works wonderfully in both fresh construction and re-insulation projects to fill all kinds of spaces within your home. It’s sprayed as a liquid directly into cavity spaces, then expands out and hardens as it dries. This final, firm layer protects the space it has filled.

For safety purposes, it’s critical to note that not all spray foams are alike. Each has chemical compositions that can act in diverse ways. While the project may not be heavily labor-intensive, there’s a specific procedure to follow and a certain knack to it not all homeowners can handle off the bat. To save precious time and money, the insulation process should be controlled by a professional insulation contractor with proper equipment.

Spray Foam Insulation Costs

Hiring an experienced contractor can cost more than doing the work yourself. However, there are times when how-to articles found on the internet can’t meet the required standards of a project. For larger projects, it makes sense to stop questioning: can I do spray foam insulation myself?

Instead, seek out DIY projects that are less complex than insulation installation and start researching for local contractors that can provide professional spray foam insulation at a reasonable cost. Request various estimates, as the average cost of spray foam will vary based on location, the size of the space being filled, and any other complicating factors.

Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Service

Hiring experts can be the best decision you make. Here at Greenlink Energy, we take care of everything in the installation process to ensure your home gets the most out of revamped insulation solutions. Our spray foam insulation service is top-notch, as we pay close attention to detail and approach each job as if it were being done in our own homes.

As a family-owned business, you can trust the quality of the work we continually provide to our Northern Illinois neighbors. If you want to reduce the overall use of your home’s energy, give us a call or fill out our online form today.