Can lack of insulation in your house cause mold? As a matter of fact, yes. This microscopic fungus tends to grow in warm, wet environments—and its contamination is a messy issue for modern homeowners. Ergo, preventative measures are essential to minimize and contain any potential growth problems.

At Greenlink, we believe that mold prevention can begin with the right choice in your home’s insulation. Let’s take a closer look at the correlation between inadequate barriers and indoor air quality. Here’s what to know.

Mold Control: Eliminating Sources of Moisture

Mold is an unfortunate but inevitable part of life. While this fungus is not a friend, water is the home’s true worst enemy. Hence, the number one rule in mold prevention is to avoid water intrusion.

Homeowners can utilize an assortment of measures to control and eliminate this issue. Yet, insulation is an integral first line of defense. A lack of insulation in your house can cause mold because you have no moisture management strategy against the outside. Insulation acts as a critical barrier against sources of moisture, creating a tight seal to reduce its flow and infiltration.

Selecting the Right Insulation for the Job

Remember that selecting the ideal insulation on the market is crucial for maintaining a dry, functional environment. Mold growth most often stems from conditions existing in a structure. Yet, keep in mind that mold can grow on different insulation materials in varying degrees. Not just any insulation will do the job well. Modern types of insulation, such as spray foam, tend to be better at sealing cracks and controlling temperatures.

Also, consider the environment and circumstances that call for insulation carefully. Crawl spaces, basements, attics, floors, and wall cavities are not all one and the same. Installing the appropriate amount of insulation is pivotal to preventing mold growth.

Installation Solutions: A Mold-Resistant Environment

Poorly planned insulation installation can actually worsen the problem and increase the possibility of mold and mildew. If you desire years of safety instead of headaches and hassles, turning to professionals for proper installation is a good idea. The ultimate home performance is in reach when you do so.

Curious about professional insulation installation in your area? If you’re in Northern Illinois, you can rely on Greenlink Energy Solutions for high-quality work. Our insulation services are ideal for maintaining health, comfort, and efficiency under your roof. Contact our team about a home audit or insulation consultation today. We will evaluate your home and make individualized recommendations on the best improvement areas and materials.