Have you heard the saying that goes, “Energy misused cannot be excused?” Essentially, no excuse in the book can blanket the importance of operating a home at peak efficiency. You can take steps to make your humble abode more energy efficient. As a modern homeowner, that first critical step is a home energy audit.

Are you wondering,“How do I prepare for a home energy audit?” Never fear—we’ve got you covered. Read through the following must-dos our team recommends for your to-do list. Here’s what to know before your assessment.

Know Your Home Inside and Out

Every home is different. This uniqueness is what turns a mere house into a bona fide home. That being said, the structure of each home has its own issues—energy included. You may have already noticed specific problem areas in your interiors or exteriors. Before the audit, prepare a list of areas of concern that you think the auditor should evaluate.

The goal of the assessment is for the energy expert to collect and analyze data regarding your home’s energy usage. Your inside knowledge about your home can help your professional auditor diagnose issues quickly. When they arrive, ask them to check out these particular concerns during the inspection.

Gather Past Energy Bills and Records

How else do you prepare for a home energy audit? We have another recommendation for you: prepare a record of your past energy usage before the inspection day. Having copies of energy bills on hand, such as electricity, heating, and cooling, also helps the auditor identify possible problems. Gather this information to compare your general costs over the last year. Your certified auditor can glance over the bills and determine whether appears off.

Lay the Groundwork for Assessment

To ease the overall inspection process, you can also lay out the groundwork beforehand. Clear clutter for access to attics or basement spaces. Remove any obstructions near air conditioners, furnaces, or water heaters. Raise window blinds or open curtains. Don’t forget to close and latch windows and doors and keep pets away from the inspector.

Choose Greenlink: A Whole-Home Science Approach

Local to the greater Northern Illinois or Southern Wisconsin areas? You can turn to Greenlink Energy for atop-to-bottom home energy audit. Our knowledgeable team is here to help homeowners make the most of their energy-saving potential with our 360-degree assessment approach system. Greenlink’s energy auditors are BPI-certified and will walk through the process with your concerns in mind. Contact us today to schedule an audit—peak performance and quality home comfort awaits.