Let’s face it: nobody enjoys being cold, especially not in the comfort of one’s own home. Nevertheless, many households in America differ from significant heat loss due to improper insulation and building science construction. Space heating units are life-savers during the coldest months of the year. Yet, these systems are also major contributors to high energy consumption and utility costs when working overtime. Your home needs a lasting solution to reduce heat loss effectively—not a temporary quick fix.

Household heat is typically lost through walls, windows, doors, and under-insulated basements and attics. How much heat is lost through the attic? Let’s take a closer look at the numbers and what bonafide solutions can mitigate this chilly predicament.

Cold Concerns: The Core Culprit

Don’t let insulation be out of sight and out of mind. The secret to always keeping your home warm during the fall and winter is through an effective insulation strategy. Chances are, your home doesn’t have enough padding and protection. Unless you’ve renovated your home before—or built it from the ground up—many modern homes lack optimal insulation for beneficial comfort and cost savings.

If you’re wondering about the signs of under-insulation, consider the core spaces where your home loses heat. How well-insulated is your attic? Do you know how much heat is lost through the attic (or roof)? Over 25 percent of lost heat passes through this top level, making it a weak link.

Ensure Sufficient Insulation Installation

Insulation in the attic is meant to be like a warm blanket covering your home through the winter. Investing in proper air sealing, ventilation, and insulation can keep that covering strong. The Department of Energy notes boosting up attic insulation can lower heating costs by up to 50 percent—ergo enhancing comfort levels year-round.

Don’t forget about retrofitting and sealing the rest of your home. Again, under-insulated walls, windows, and doors supplementarily contribute to heat loss. These types of home improvement upgrades are best left to professionals who can determine the perfect solutions for your home’s unique needs.

Consider a Whole-Home Building Science Approach

The simplest determination method for home insulation efficiency is through an energy audit or assessment. You can turn to the team here at Greenlink for a 360-degree approach. We identify any deficiencies and implement fresh solutions for home performance improvement.

Greenlink Energy is also one of the leading insulation specialists in the Northern Illinois area. We provide up-to-date processes, years of expert experience, and premium energy-efficient materials. Contact us today via phone or email to begin and estimate or learn more about our services.