For modern homeowners, moisture is public enemy number one. Frankly, humidity is no fun. Not to mention, it’s a dangerous threat to your property. Humidity levels are unpredictably fluctuating, alternating from room to room and from season to season. Higher moisture levels can wreak havoc on your home’s structure, surfaces, and overall condition. Maintaining balanced humidity levels is critical to not only enhance your health and comfort at home but also uphold your home’s ultimate dependability and air quality.

Did you know that high-quality insulation offers your property extraordinary leverage over moisture control? In fact, humidity control and quality insulation walk hand in hand. A homeowner’s number one defense against this dank enemy is insulation. Here’s a closer look at how proper insulation helps with humidity control.

Effective Control Strategy: Forms a Vapor Barrier

We already know that insulation is an effective solution for energy efficiency. Controlling humidity levels is just another user-oriented remedy on its to-do list. Keep in mind how moisture tends to enter a home. The presence of moisture isn’t always obvious; rather, it’s quite subtle in nature. You may not visibly see water droplets or condensation, but moisture is constantly flowing in and out of a home via heat transfusion, material diffusion, and air movement. Moisture builds up naturally within a set structure.

This is exactly where wall, ceiling, and attic insulation come into the picture. A well-insulated property with the right kind of insulation will characteristically regulate its humidity levels to prevent moisture from seeping into diverse surfaces. Forming this protective barrier against vapors is how proper insulation helps with humidity control and lowers concerns about excessive moisture settlement.

Spray Foam Insulation: A Proven Defense

A myriad of insulation options is available on the modern marketplace. Spray foam is the leading choice for moisture control against humidity due to its high R-value. An R-value refers to the material’s unique capability to resist heat transfer. Spray foam creates unfailing insulated ceilings and walls due to its specific properties. Even if the material were to become damp, no mold would form or impede the effectiveness of the insulation. Any worries about storing unnecessary moisture will disappear.

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