Few things are as critical for contemporary homeowners as energy efficiency. In our modern world, taking effective steps toward optimum energy efficiency is a green initiative—one that not only helps the planet but also reduces your monthly utility expenses. Knowledge of energy problems and efficient solutions to overcome them is key to achieving unrivaled comfort in your humble abode.

Home energy audits are valuable tools that provide a clear-cut roadmap toward peak efficiency. Any time is a good time to take this initial first step toward improved energy savings. That said, there are several checklist items to go over before your auditor arrives. Here’s how to prepare for your home energy audit to get the most out of your personal assessment.

Prepare Your House for the Auditor

Before an energy auditor arrives, you should have your home fully ready for an accurate and useful assessment. An auditor may request to analyze all areas of the home for your best benefit. Be sure to secure all pets or children and clear away clutter or belongings for quick access to hatches, attic spaces, crawl spaces, water heaters, boilers, and furnaces.

To make the process quick, easy, and efficient, close all windows and doors, open curtains, and raise any blinds. If your home has a fireplace, either empty the ash or cover it with a wet newspaper for inspection purposes.

Gather Energy Bills and Critical Information

Wondering how else to prepare for your home energy audit? Collect your home’s utility and energy bills from the past year. The summary of your heating and electricity consumption details the history of your energy use to reveal beneficial information. An auditor can check over these bills to determine if anything seems right or wrong.

Don’t forget to write down a list of knowledge about hot and cold spots, moisture or mold problems, allergy or pest problems, and general info about your home’s construction. These details can help the auditor diagnose issues directly related to air leakage, system performance, or insulation.

What To Expect From an Energy Assessment

Not all energy assessments are one-and-the-same. Be sure to check which specific testing, analysis, or inspection will occur prior to the audit taking place. Keep in mind that your home generates energy from a myriad of sources. Ergo, a variety of factors influence overall efficiency. The purpose of the audit is to ultimately pinpoint problem areas or issues your home has in order to tailor custom solutions for its needs.

Homeowners can always turn to Greenlink Energy Solutions for their energy-saving needs. Our expert team provides purpose-built solutions following our home energy audit. As a local business, we’re here to help our Northern Illinois Neighbors. Contact us with any questions you may have about household energy efficiency or the Greenlink process.