What’s scarier: the basement or the attic? Each has its own terrifying characteristics for modern homeowners. Depending on your own abode, you may face troublesome problems within these lesser-used areas. Today we’ve going to talk about the attic and the topic of moisture. Improper ventilation systems can compromise ultimate comfort and energy efficiency.

What do you know about the science behind attic ventilation? We think it’s pretty sound. Here’s a look at how to properly ventilate your attic in the winter. Let’s save some money on your utility bills.

Attic Ventilation: The Basics of Air Circulation

Many homeowners across the nation underestimate the importance of proper ventilation. Circulating a natural flow of air is key to making your house more comfortable indoors. Adequate attic ventilation benefits a home by allowing the cool, dry outside air in and letting warm, moist inside air out. Keeping temperatures even and airflow balanced is the foundation of an energy-efficient home.

The Goal: Eliminate Wintertime Attic Moisture

In sweet summertime, good attic ventilation helps reduce heat buildup. The ultimate goal is to reduce cooling costs. Contrastingly in the winter, excessive heat and moist air seep into attic spaces from your interiors below. Good ventilation is key to allow that heated moisture to escape and keep your attic cool and dry. You don’t want to encourage the development of structured mold or mildew or leakage from ice dam formation on your roof. These mistakes can be costly.

Knowledge of how to properly ventilate your attic in the winter helps protect your family and home from these situations. Attic fans, rafter vents, soffit vents, and quality insulation are all key air-sealing strategies to ensure the attic remains well-ventilated all year.

Choose Insulation Solutions for Your Attic Space

Adding efficient insulation is a key feature of an effective ventilation system. This solution helps reduce temperature fluctuations and minimize condensation in the attic. While this action may initially seem counter-productive, blocking the entry of heat and moisture from living spaces below is one of the most cost-effective safeguards.

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