Attic and loft spaces within homes have been insulated for decades with a variety of methods and materials. Spray foam is a leading choice, involving spraying polyethylene foam to the interiors or exteriors of roofs. The hardened spray foam will retain its insulation ability for the duration of its 80+ years lifespan. The effectiveness of this method is crystal clear for energy efficiency—but all the while, spray foam has a certain snag for homeowners.

As the years go by, a time may arise when you need to carry out home repairs or improvement projects. How then can you remove the hardened foam? With the right equipment and proficient knowledge, clearing away the cured spray foam is a doable feat. Read on for a general guide on how to remove spray foam insulation from a roof. As expert insulation contractors, here’s what we think you should know.

DIY: Cutting, Brushing, or Scrapping

Compared to traditional options, spray foam ranks high in defense against extreme hot or cold temperatures. Nevertheless, the choice to install foam insulation can be a sticky proposition when it comes to removal. DIY spray foam removal methods involve significant physical and mechanical skills. This means that it’s time to get tough with treatment.

You’ll first have to use a knife, saw, or flat pry bar as a tool to cut into the insulation and take out as much as possible. Keep an eye out for any hidden wiring. After, use a hard bristle brush or paint scraper to remove the rest of the spray foam. Be sure to get as close as possible to the concrete, brick, or wood underlayer. If any last traces are left, apply lacquer thinner or acetone, and wipe away the insulation with a rag.

Safety Considerations for the Cleanup Process

Safety concerns remain at the forefront, even if you know the basics of how to remove spray foam insulation from a roof. Before attempting any removal technique yourself, consider the best protection strategies for the task.

Safety gear and equipment are essential to protect your skin, eyes, mouth, and nose during the entire process. Keep a mask on at all times to avoid inhaling dust residue. The best advice is to seek help from professional contractors—especially if the roof area isn’t flat—and safeguard your home and well-being.

The Apex Answer: Professional Services

Experience, expertise, and proper machinery can help with the removal process for the most favorable outcomes. If you are in need of either of these, a cost-effective strategy is to turn to specialized services to save valuable time and exertion.

When you’re not searching for spray foam removal—but are rather considering its numerous advantages—rely on professional insulators for your new project. Homeowners in Northern Illinois can count on Greenlink Energy if they are in need of a spray foam insulation contractor for enhanced efficiency. We will prepare, remove, apply, clean, and trim your fresh spray foam insulation to perfection. Reach out to us today to help improve your home performance.