The summer months are undoubtedly the warmest days of the calendar year, bringing about higher energy costs from the increased demand for soothing, chilled air. Keeping your home comfortable during this time proves a balancing challenge. An efficient strategy is key to not only beating the ever-present heat but also utilizing energy-efficient practices. For your consideration, here are a few methods outlining how to save energy while cooling your home.

Use of Windows and Coverings to Your Advantage

A wide majority of people love to let in the sunshine, but natural sunlight can cause a rise in interior temperatures during the hottest times of the day. Smart management of your home’s east- and west-facing windows can reduce heat gains by at least half. Coverings such as blinds and curtains also support temperature control to keep hot air out of the home.

If you choose to open windows during warmer days, be sure to do so only during the mornings or later evenings. Opening opposite-facing windows is a good method to create an effective cross-breeze without needing air conditioning.

Plant Greenery in Key Areas

Interestingly enough, utilizing exterior greenery is one beneficial way for how to save energy while cooling your home. This strategic approach is more passive than active. Nonetheless, such a game plan assists with shading selective areas or guiding breezy winds toward your home. Similar to the installation benefits of window shutters or blinds, mindfully placed trees, plants, and shrubbery shade windows and prevent the blaze of direct sunlight from entering specific interior spaces. Choose fast-growing options from which you can profit in the coming years as penumbrae.

Upgrade Your Insulation

Many people consider insulation most critical during the freezing winter months. The fact of the matter is, quality insulation serves just as critical functions during the summer months. Air that escapes from doors, windows, and other crevices is a common culprit of poor cooling in your home’s interior. Proper insulation works wonders for keeping cool air inside by forming a solid barrier and controlling humidity. The magic of foam insulation plays an integral role in the maintenance of a consistent, comfortable temperature.

A proper air barrier truly makes all the difference. For insulation installation needs within your home, reach out to Greenlink Energy Solutions, the preferred insulation contractors in northern Illinois. Our mission stands to enhance our neighbors’ home efficiency in every method possible. Our dedicated team of experts can provide a wide range of solutions to meet your energy needs, comfort goals, and ultimate desires as a homeowner. Get in touch with us by phone or fill out our online form today.