Numerous factors contribute to our overall health and wellness, such as the air we breathe, the food and water we consume, and the environment of our daily surroundings. We spend a large portion of our time indoors: living, eating, sleeping, breathing, working, and relaxing in our homes. Homes are no longer solely walls, roofs, floors, and doors that provide shelter and safety; rather, they are integral tools for the holistic health and wellness of their 24-7 residents.

As our society becomes increasingly aware of the effects of indoor environments, we can find the prime solution for healthy living in safe and sustainable interior living spaces. Wondering how to make your home a better, sounder place to be? Let’s examine more closely the main elements of a green and healthy home.

Well-Maintained: Clean, Dry, and Ventilated

A green and healthy home is straightforwardly well-maintained by its inhabitants. Home wellness is best measured by cleanliness, moisture levels, and proper ventilation. This entails a variety of practices and approaches for ensuring quality air, water, and comfort. Reducing clutter, controlling dust sources, and maintaining clean surfaces are key to ridding the home of lingering health hazards or triggers.

Don’t forget about preventing leakage, drainage, or water damage throughout the change of seasons. Smart ventilation and quality materials also enhance the indoor air quality in living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens and prevent the buildup of pollutants.

Safe: Free from Contaminants and Pests

Keeping a home properly cleaned and maintained relates to another key health principle: safekeeping. Any individual who walks through your front door should be safe and secure from internal and external factors. This is why safety is undoubtedly one of the main elements of a green and healthy home. Besides physical hazards, a reprieve from environmental hazards such as asbestos, mold, carbon monoxide, radon, lead, smoke, allergens, pests, and insects is highly integral.

Sustainable: Energy-Efficient Weatherization and Systems

A green and healthy home reduces energy, water, and resource consumption to benefit the environment and its inhabitants. Healthy homes are energy-efficient homes that provide sustainable heating and cooling, lighting, air-sealing, and insulation for comprehensive well-being. Home energy efficiency upgrades and improvements are wise investments for wellness and comfort longevity.

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