Despite the importance of residential insulation for modern homeowners, misinformation about it continues to persist. Life is full of great mysteries and wonders, but lingering questions about home insulation don’t need to be one of them. All you need to understand some of the most widely misunderstood facts is a bit of expertise.

Today we’ll be debunking some common myths about spray foam insulation to provide professional clarity on the subject. Here’s what you should know to clearly separate fact from fiction.

Myth: Spray Foam Is a Recent Trend

Not many homeowners are aware of spray foam insulation and its prime advantages for energy-efficiency. As a result, people assume that spray foam is simply a fresh fad that will fade away with time. Spray foam insulation has recently seen a sky-high rise in popularity, but contractors have used spray foam technology in residential buildings since around the early ’80s.

The increased demand for energy-efficient solutions has kept spray foam on the market, and its boom within US construction came within the last decade or so. With superior comfort and cost savings, spray foam is a leading insulation option for homeowners to choose from.

Myth: Spray Foam Makes a House Too “Tight”

Building science has come a long way from its early days, when people didn’t understood moisture control and the inner workings of insulation. If we’re debunking common myths about spray foam insulation technology, then we must discuss the notion of tight versus loose insulation.

Nobody wants a drafty or humid home, so you must find that middle ground. Homes today should be built as tightly as possible using quality insulation, with moisture levels controllable by an efficient HVAC system. Spray foam insulation is a mixed solution of chemical components that expands precisely when sprayed. Ergo, this technology securely encloses spaces to ensure an effective air barrier. Foam insulation is not too tight but just right for efficiency.

Myth: Spray Foam Is Dangerous

You may have heard that spray foam is a hazardous risk to one’s health and the Earth’s climate. This is a bona fide myth. The truth is, spray foam has quality components in comparison to other popular insulation options on the market. Present-day spray foam is also not like the spray foam of the past. We can thank innovation and advanced technology for revamping the chemical formula. Modern spray foam is not only efficient but also safe for use in residential applications.

The best solution for ensuring safety measures and proper installation is hiring a professional insulation contractor. Experienced experts will take care of any necessary precautions. Turn to Greenlink Energy for spray foam insulation service. We specialize in spray foam insulation installation to make a home more comfortable and efficient than ever before. Contact us today for a free assessment and estimate.