Sustainability: the buzzword of the 21st century. Choosing to go green is one step closer to protecting the longevity of our planet—and keeping more money in our pockets for rainy days. Many methods exist today to decrease one’s carbon footprint and live a more sustainable life.

Homeowners can make use of what is available to them to ensure a better quality of life. Even the smallest changes can help reduce the pressuring stress wreaking havoc on the environment. Let’s take a closer look at how to do so. Here is a general list of steps to take to make your home more sustainable.

Select Eco-Friendly Materials and Appliances

Out of the varying steps to take to make your home more sustainable, utilizing environmentally friendly materials and resources in your home is first on the list. Getting serious about lifestyle choices and habits, such as cutting down on water or electricity use, is a holistic approach for saving natural materials. Also, intentionally selecting household products that cause less harm to the environment is of the essence. Consider investing in energy-star appliances, high-performance windows, water-saving fixtures, LED lighting, recycled materials or fabrics, and toxic-free cleaning products.

Optimize for Solar Power

Solar panels are a fundamental feature of an eco-friendly home. Solar design is a brilliant way to increase renewable energy while minimizing authority costs. Clean electricity produced from roof-installed solar panels is a long-term sustainable investment. Do keep one thing in mind about retrofitting solar: this decision is not a mere monetary expenditure. Any remodeling or revamping choice is a distinct opportunity to live more sustainably in the present and save for the future.

Evaluate and Insulate the Home Properly

Air sealing any tiny gaps or cracks is the key to saving energy and creating a more comfortable home. In the colder months, any escaping air leaking from these pockets is equivalent to leaving a window wide open. Professionally insulating your walls, floors, and attic is integral to minimize heating and cooling costs on your energy bills. An array of sustainable insulation is available, such as cellulose and spray foam.

Professional spray foam insulation companies can help you properly insulate your home. Turn to Greenlink Energy for your insulation service needs. As a family-owned company in the Northern Illinois area, our team of expert contractors seals gaps to provide lifelong, sustainable value. We also offer an energy audit service to help homeowners uncover more tactics and approaches for going green. Contact us or fill out our online form today to learn more about potential energy savings.