An energy audit is a beneficial process—one that assesses your home’s energy uses and outlines the clear steps you can take to enhance maximum efficiency. The right type of home energy audit can help homeowners see the big picture of their energy consumption and spending. Not to mention that audits identify possible health and safety issues before they take a turn for the worse.

What are the various types of energy audits? Your choices ultimately depend on the selected approach and the level of professional evaluation involved. Let’s take a closer look at these energy assessment categories. Ultimate comfort and carbon footprint reduction are around the corner.

Standard Walk-Through Audits

So, what are the various types of energy audits? Readily available data is identifiable with a simple walk-through audit. This type of inspection involves energy use and performance evaluation that’s visible to the naked eye. A walk-through assessment generally includes:

  • Window, door, lighting, joist, appliance, and electrical outlet inspection
  • Air leak and improper sealing documentation
  • Crawl space, basement, or attic insulation inspection
  • Ventilation, heating, and air conditioning system inspection

Greater Detailed Survey and Analyses

In addition to a walk-through of the home, supplementary field surveys and tests can reveal hidden energy inefficiencies within interior spaces. Devices used in these functional tests have the ability to distinguish actual energy consumption and loss measurements.

Typically system-orientated in larger buildings, these energy analysis tests within homes are practical to identify any underlying culprits affecting normal living operations. Common examples include infrared camera testing, blower door testing, duct blast testing, and pressure diagnostic testing.

Top-To-Bottom Whole-Home Assessments

Professionally trained auditors can save homeowners significant time and money. Those skilled in the industry have the ability to locate complex problems and create individualized solutions with their reported recommendations. Results from a quality whole-home audit are essential to prioritize the best efficiency upgrades and improvement projects.

Searching for local energy audit companies? Those in Northern Illinois can turn to Greenlink Energy for customized energy-saving solutions. Our specialty 360-degree building science approach thoroughly inspects the ins and outs of a home’s performance. Learn more about the Greenlink whole-home energy audit process on our website or reach out to schedule an expert assessment today.