What is a home energy audit? Fortunately, this question isn’t too much of a head-scratcher. A home energy audit—also known as a home energy assessment—is a simple first step to planning energy-efficient home improvements. The US Department of Energy recommends a thorough room-by-room assessment to provide a complete picture of your home’s energy use.

Measures Current Energy Consumption

Did you know that your home produces greater air pollution than a standard car out on the road? The difficulty lies in managing energy effectively. A detailed examination of your home’s energy consumption can determine where and why energy is being lost and which systems are operating inefficiently. During an audit, professionals utilize a variety of resources and tools to measure current energy consumption. This room-by-room examination reveals problem areas on your property.

Identifies Energy Efficiency Measures

As an energy consumer, are you wondering about what a home energy audit is and what all it entails? Depending on their scope of tools and the scale of your home, knowledgeable energy auditors will take a close look at the outside of your home, the windows and doors, the attic, the thermostat, the furnace, and the water heater, wall insulation, and various lighting and appliances.

Thermographic and diagnostic inspections may be an additional step to address specific areas on your property. Each of these examinations provides critical information about possible energy leaks in or out of your home. This advantageous process is beneficial to identify efficiency issues and pinpoint measures that provide real-world solutions.

The Benefits: Effective Home Energy Solutions

As experts in the industry, energy auditors provide clients with actionable advice tailored to the specifics of their homes. After the audit, your energy specialist can assess their findings to create a comprehensive home energy report. Once you are aware of what improvements you can make, you can take the next step toward owning a cost-effective and energy-efficient property—one that will save you money on energy bills for years to come.

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