As modern homeowners, we all know that taking on an insulation project is a sizeable job—and a relatively big deal. As you’re thinking about the process of the project and considering available options on the market, it’s a good idea to learn more about the materials you can select from to make a knowledgeable decision. Installing fresh material by an insulation contractor will remedy inadequate insulation—but not every insulation material is one and the same.

Spray foam insulation and fiberglass insulation are the two most common materials chosen by homeowners today. To determine which material is best suited for your consultation project, we’ve compiled a general overview to explain the key distinctions between these options. Here is what to know about spray foam vs fiberglass insulation.

First Things First

At first glance, one type of material may appear as the better or more attractive option, but you should keep a few considerations in mind as you move forward. When reading and gathering information about these insulation materials, consider what type most suits your budget, the scope and scale of your project, and your own personal needs or preferences. Each of these factors will influence your final choice.

Fiberglass: A Popular, Conventional Go-To

Undeniably, fiberglass is a common type of insulation material in homes across America. Due to its considerably lower upfront cost, it’s in a multitude of older homes nationwide. Fiberglass insulation is comprised of several components: recycled, melted glass, and supplementary raw materials. Once processed together, these materials form delicate, fibrous sheets known as batts.

Cost-effectiveness is what you need to know about spray foam vs. fiberglass insulation. Keep in mind that initial cost savings do not equal further savings in the future. Fiberglass installation is simple and provides a vaporous barrier, but it has proven to be less capably effective over time. You could consider, instead, newer insulation innovations.

Spray Foam: a Fresh, Green Alternative

Spray foam insulation is a chemical-based product many installation contractors use in modern homes. This foam is mixed on-site and applied directly with a sprayer. As a polymer, it effectively expands to fill a specified space of property upon application. Ergo, homeowners receive enhanced insulation, air blockage, and sealing with the use of open-celled or close-celled spray foam.

Spray foam installation requires professionals who are experienced in precise insulation applications that require having excellent attention to detail. Spray foam insulation companies and contractors properly handle the chemicals and installation process for safe and effective sealing. The longevity of this insulation material provides permanence in cost savings, energy efficiency, and home comfort levels. For your spray foam installation needs, turn to Greenlink Energy Solutions. As a local and family-owned company, we’re here to provide valuable, quality services for our Northern Illinois neighbors. Contact us today for more information.