You may have heard before that variety is the spice of life. Not every new product or experience turns out to be the crème de la crème you’re looking for. Insulation is no exception to the triumphs and let-downs of trying a variety of options. If you’re not familiar with the diversity of insulation methods on the modern market, you may miss out on the one that provides the best results.

Spray foam tops the list of insulation materials that will make your home life more enjoyable and comfortable year-round. Let’s take a closer look at the main reasons why you should use spray foam for your insulation over traditional materials. Here’s what to keep in mind for investment purposes.

Thermal Qualities: High-Performance Air Sealing

The number one reason why you should use spray foam for your insulation is its superior thermal qualities. The keen ability to air seal properly and securely is the key differentiator from other insulation materials. The foam provides an effective barrier to prevent leakage from a structured property and minimize air infiltration.

Spray foam uniquely reaches into small, hard-to-access corners, cracks, or crevices to block out air, water, heat, or cold once cured. This customized fit around building framing provides homeowners with high thermal resistance. Even in variances of interior or exterior temperatures, you will find no difference in its premier performance.

Long-Term Structural Protection

Correctly installed spray foam offers protective perks to the structure of your home both now and in the future. As the insulation is essentially impermeable to water, you can protect vital areas of your interiors from increased moisture, such as your attic, walls, or crawl space. You can expect far less damage over the lifetime of your home when you choose this material as a barrier and structural strengthener.

Another protective perk of spray foam is deterrence against mold, mildew, and major allergens. As a foam product, spray foam is an inert polymer, which doesn’t provide an instant food source for bacteria growth. Pests are also less prone to break through the shape and seal, so they won’t be a core concern for your property in the process.

Energy Efficiency: Critical Homeowner Savings

Spray foam is sensible to retrofit within your home for ultimate energy efficiency since it has a high R-value. This smart investment means genuine cost savings on your heating and cooling bills and an enhancement in personal comfort levels all year long.

Here at Greenlink Energy, we offer a professional spray foam insulation service. our 360-degree building science approach, our team evaluates your home to determine the best areas and solutions for energy improvement. Reach out to us for a free consultation of available options or to receive an estimate on insulation installation. We look forward to speaking with you.