The crispness of autumn is officially here, which means our old friend winter is right around the bend. Unless you were born with a unique ability to control ice and snow, the cold probably bothers you, right? Homeowners in colder climates struggle to keep their houses nice and toasty without excessively raising their heating bills.

Fortunately, now is the perfect time to make smart upgrades to your home before the frosty air arrives. You can effectively boost your home’s energy efficiency with the right strategies and improvements. But where do you start? Will new window installation make a house warmer? We believe so. Let’s examine why insulated window frames enhance heat retention in your interiors.

Modern Replacement Windows: Superior Insulation

So, will a new window installation truly make a house warmer? The straightforward answer is yes. The roundabout answer depends on how well you insulate the entirety of your home. If you choose new energy-efficient windows, you can’t go wrong with the quality level of their insulation technology.

When you choose to install energy-efficient windows, the insulated frames and glass panes minimize heat transmission. As effective insulators, these modern options have a lower U-value to keep the heat in and maintain a desirable temperature. You will no longer need to worry about incessantly adjusting the thermostat or stressing out over your HVAC system.

Window Efficiency: Protection Against Energy Loss

Replacing windows is one of the leading energy improvement choices to make, especially if your windows are over a decade old. The reason is simple—installing new windows overcomes the aging aspect of your home. Older windows are a common cause of cold drafts from air leakage. Fresh installation keeps the external cold out where it belongs.

Essentially, you’re using less energy to keep interior spaces warm during the cooler months. Don’t forget that replacing existing windows with new alternatives also adds to the value of your home. That’s a win-win for your savings in the long run.

Potential Savings: Mechanical Installation Solutions

If you’re one of our local neighbors, you can turn to Greenlink for energy-efficient solutions tailored to your home. We’re experienced insulation contractors and energy consultants who begin home improvement projects with a complete 360-degree approach.

Our expert team is here to customize proposals for clients to maximize the health and comfort of one’s home. Our focus on insulation, air sealing, and windows and doors is key to increasing home performance. Contact us today to get started.