Exterior Wall Insulation Installers

Improve comfort with exterior wall insulation installation

Attics and basements usually remain accessible after a house is built, so it’s not a problem to upgrade the insulation in these areas. The same can’t be said for exterior walls since the insulation spaces between studs are hidden behind drywall and exterior siding. However, insufficient wall insulation can have a huge impact on home comfort and efficiency. If you’re concerned about your comfort or energy efficiency, contact Greenlink today to speak with experienced exterior wall insulation installers near you in the Rockford, Illinois, area.

Greenlink Energy Solutions is a Certified Trade-Ally Contractor with Nicor Gas of IL and Focus on Energy of WI, this means by insulating exterior walls, you can receive instant discounts on your estimate starting at $400 (Illinois) and $800 (Wisconsin).

* Subject to terms and conditions of the weatherization programs. Most customers are instantly approved.

To include:

  • Air Sealing around Windows / Doors
  • Thermal Camera showing missing insulation spots
  • Hot in summer / cold in winter

Signs and symptoms of poorly insulated walls

If you’ve noticed or seen any of the following, you most likely have inadequate levels of exterior wall insulation:

  • Frozen pipes
  • Drywall or panelling feels damp or cold (exterior wall should feel cold during summer) or the walls are freezing
  • Moisture/internal condensation
  • Holes in exterior walls (outside)
  • Fluctuating temperatures
  • High energy bills
  • Excessively hot in the summer
  • Old insulation that has never been touched or has not been re-insulated in many years

Moisture is the number one enemy to homeowners. When there’s a lack of exterior wall insulation, trapped moisture within the walls and beading up on the surface provides the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow, and when it does it grows fast. Mold can seed and begin to spread within hours, in just a matter of days mold can cover an entire floor, and attach itself to other natural materials. Things like furniture, clothing, paper and even some trinkets and personal belongings can be easily destroyed by mold, and fast.

It’s not only uncomfortable to spend too much time in a cold home. Research has shown that living in a house with a temperature that is consistently below 68 degrees can cause a variety of mental and physical health problems, as well as exacerbate already existing conditions. Ailments such as asthma and high blood pressure can be worsened by consistently low indoor temperatures. With the potential for household mold added on top, it’s a recipe for an indoor air quality disaster.

Benefits and Home Performance Increases

  • Comfort
  • Retain heat
  • Furnace run less
  • Non cold wall
  • Efficiency

Our exterior wall insulation installation process

Non-invasive. Blown wall insulation. Small holes. Patching.

Using our 360° holistic approach of building science, we address these areas of this location of the home with this service.

Think you’re suffering from any of the symptoms and pain points? You don’t have to have the main symptoms or pain points here due to lack of not having service or selling points here. Contact the certified exterior wall insulation installers at Greenlink Energy Solutions for a free site inspection, evaluation, and consultant. We service Rockford, Illinois, and the surrounding areas. Call today for your free estimate!