Solar Illinois is leading the charge in renewable energy, bringing abundant, green power to our communities. With our advanced solar solutions, power your home efficiently. Experience the power of solar with Solar Illinois. Transitioning to clean energy has never been easier

We’ve been your local veteran-owned Solar Panel Installation Company in Rockford, IL, since 2011.

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Solar Installation

The Benefits

Why Go Solar?

Join the solar revolution with Solar Illinois. Our future is bright with sustainable, renewable energy. Switch to solar, reduce your carbon footprint, and enjoy considerable savings on your utility bills. As a solar solution company, we offer solar energy services to help customers in Madison, WI, and Northern Illinois produce power and reduce energy cost for themselves.

Financial Benefits

  • Lowers bills for decades
  • May qualify for a 30% federal tax credit and other incentives
  • Increases your property value

Environmental Benefits

  • Produces clean energy for a healthier environment
  • Taps an abundant source of energy
  • Provides energy throughout the year

Energy Independence

  • Provides greater energy independence
  • Avoids use of fossil fuels

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Our Solutions To

Improve Your Home

Our solar solutions are designed for maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact. Power your home with clean, renewable energy and join us on the journey towards a sustainable future.

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Backup Generators

Portable power stations with solar technology.

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Solar Batteries

Store excess power generated by your solar panels.

Electric Vehicle Charger Icon

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Personal EV charging stations for your garage.

Solar Panels and Inverters Icon

Solar Panels and Inverters

Solar cells wired together to produce maximum power.

Easy, Complete Home Performance

Our Four-Step Process

Our thorough energy assessments allow us to diagnose home performance deficiencies and implement solutions, such as portable solar generators, solar panel installation, solar battery installation, or home EV charger installation. Enjoy improved comfort and save on your energy bills.

1. Quote
2. Design
3. Install
4. Save

See the Difference

Why Greenlink?

When these improvements are done right the first time by certified experts and solar company technicians such as us, the project is a one-time improvement that requires no continued maintenance or up-keep.

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Experienced Staff

Our solar team has the credentials, certifications, and experience to provide the best end result and smooth process possible.

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Full Warranty

All work and services, products, and materials come with our warranty and the manufacturer’s warranty!

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Easy Financing

We have already done the work, partnering with financial institutions offering a wide range of options to fit your monthly budget.

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